Preserving Life


Ben Best


Director of Research Oversight for the Biomedical Research & Longevity Society.

Ben Best has a Pharmacy degree (BSc Pharm) from the University of British Columbia. He has a BSc degree in Physics and Computing Science as well as a BBA degree in Accounting and Finance, both from Simon Fraser University. He received a Professional Registered Parliamentarian certification from the National Association of Parliamentarians.

He has receive Instructor certification from the Canadian Red Cross as well as from the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Ontario. He is a Lifetime Member of American Mensa.

Best taught computer language courses at colleges and universities in Canada, and was a Senior Programmer Analyst for Scotiabank (Toronto).

Best was President of the Cryonics Society of Canada for most of the 1990s, helping to incorporate that organization. In 2001 he became President of the Society For Neural Cryobiology where he helped complete the first vitrification of hippocampal slices (

From 2003 to 2012 Best was President and CEO of the Cryonics Institute. He authored the paper “Scientific justification of cryonics practice” ( and “Cryoprotectant Toxicity: Facts, Issues, and Questions” (

Since 2012 Best has been Director of Research Oversight for the Biomedical Research & Longevity Society (BRLS, formerly Life Extension Foundation) which funds the research organizations 21st Century Medicine, Critical Care Research, Suspended Animation, and Advanced Neural Biosciences. Working for BRLS Best has attended many conferences and written summaries for LifeExtension magazine (


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