Preserving Life


Stephen Valentine

Stephen Valentine

Creator and Architect of the Timeship.

One of architect Stephen Valentine’s most significant design talents is his ability to integrate bold symbolic statements with optimal design functionality. In his latest work, he has attained a new career pinnacle with the Timeship, the world’s first comprehensive facility devoted exclusively to life-extension and cryopreservation research. This project provides the ideal opportunity for the full expression of these talents. Valentine uses sacred geometry to design an unparalleled edifice that poetically incorporates symbols of birth and re-birth that are recurrent throughout history. The Timeship is a remarkable visual unification of subtle, powerful imagery resulting in a new paradigm of architectural form—one that is timeless.

The Timeship’s structural integrity stems from one of Valentine’s design goals for the building: to be as impervious as possible to man-made and natural disasters while remaining operationally functional for hundreds of

years. Described as a “Fort Knox” for biological research and preservation, the Timeship achieves structural integrity without sacrificing its visual symbolism.

Valentine also coordinates the integration of leading-edge technology into this 21st Century building. The level of innovation in architectural and systems design achieved in Timeship is rarely seen—his passion for comprehensive architectural detailing is in the tradition of the modern masters.

For more than two decades, Valentine has contributed to the design of major commercial and institutional projects worldwide. Valentine was selected as concept architect for a proposed new Long Island Railroad Station in New York City, one of the most important public-sector commissions in recent times, to be located near the historic Grand Central Terminal Station.

He was a senior design architect for the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, the landmark structure that was the site in 1997 for the transfer of governmental authority from the United Kingdom to the People’s Republic of China. During his tenure as president and design director for the New York office of the Japanese firm Mirai International, Valentine led the design team for Superparadise, a multi-billion dollar environmental science exposition park and habitat to be located outside Tokyo. Valentine also was a member of a select team of international architects commissioned to develop a master plan for the sacred city of Hangzhou, China, with a population of three million. The project included design of a new central business district, city centers, and streets and transportation systems.

The complexities of the third millennium are problems that are not commonly contemplated with a rigor that leads to practical architectural solutions. Internationally acclaimed Stephen Valentine is that rare Architect-of-Vision who is equally grounded in the practicalities of construction & planning – and thus is uniquely equipped to bring visionary projects into reality.


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